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Our fundraising is designed to reach out to all San Pasqual Union families and our broader school community. Over the course of the year the Foundation offers families many ways to participate! We respect each and every SPU family, and hope all families participate in a way that is comfortable for them. There are SO MANY ways ... Look for the various foundation events offered over the course of the year.

In addition to the various fundraising events and opportunities, we could not reach our fundraising goal with out the generous contributions to the Annual Giving Campaign. Every dollar counts! Whether you are able to donate $10, $100 or even $1000, every dollar donated helps us reach our goal.

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Why Does Our School District Need Private Funding?

Communities across California who reap the benefits of a partnership between their education foundation and school district have some of the strongest property values even in real estate market fluctuations. These communities remain strong only with the support of an education foundation to help fund programs that go above and beyond state minimums.  

With significantly less money available from state sources, local school boards are continually forced to cut or reduce programs considered “non-essential” by the state government, but highly valued by students and parents, such as music, art and athletics.

The best public schools and school districts are truly a public/private partnership.